Meet Racquel 


Racquel John is an American actress, geometric abstraction painter, and blogger based in Atlanta, Georgia. In 2011, she landed her first role as the lead in an independent film. This opportunity sparked her interest to become an actor. Racquel delved into acting lessons and classes before auditioning for other roles. She wanted to understand, respect, and develop her craft as an actor. Soon after, Racquel appeared in short films and PSA's. In 2015, she landed a lead support role in a comedy film starring Tom Arnold. Racquel made her Sundance Film Festival debut in the Netflix film Burning Sands, as Joy, directed by Gerard McMurray. The actress has landed roles in the films Acrimony as young June; and plays a fraternal twin to her real-life brother Isaiah John in the film Downsized, as Michelle. You can see Racquel as Crystal in the upcoming Netflix film Nappily Ever After.                                                      

Outside of acting, Racquel is a self-taught geometric abstraction painter. She discovered her painting abilities while taking a High School design class. During the design class, she began to develop her style through shapes (mostly lines). The teacher took notice of Racquel's eye for design and encouraged her to apply for AP art (Advance Placement Art), which she did. Racquel was accepted into the class, and from there she drew a passion and appreciation for art. Through the years Racquel continued to develop her style and explore new ways to her work. At the beginning stages of her work, she only painted in black and white. Feeling that working with those colors brought more meaning to it. The foundation of Racquel's technique is precision, which helps her create clean and beautiful paintings. Her work mostly consists of infusing geometric shapes with linear designs. Racquel just completed a series of work that took her two years called Divided but Connected. 


Writing has become a significant part of Racquel’s life. Whether she is writing down her thoughts on an issue, her feelings that she’s experiencing, or her poetry. Over the past four years, she’s developed a genuine passion for this form of art. She enjoys inspiring people through her acting and paintings, but primarily through her writing. It’s another way for Racquel to tell a story or sometimes her story. Racquel loves the connection between people and words and how it brings people together. There's power in writing, and she continues to discover her power within it.